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Alliance of Ganrelles
Name Alliance of Ganrelles
Capital Zrnic City, Cremtosa
Notable leaders Cremton Empire
Larris Protectorate
Holy Malkur Republic
Hevriyre Corporation

The Alliance of Ganrelles was a political alliance created by the Cremton Empire in 1983 in response to the natolic bombing of Russ.


Nicknamed "The Arbiters", the group was formed by the CE shortly after the incident. The Holy Malkur Republic, Larris Protectorate, and Hevriyre Corporation enlisted. This alliance was for secret discussion and plotting for the aftermath of the nating of Russ, since the Malkur, Hevriyre, and Larris believed that the UNR had committed the atrocity. They discussed plans to avenge the victims and make the UNR claim responsibility. It also campaigned to stop the UNR's financial, supplemental, political, and military aid to rebel groups on Cremtosese worlds. It additionally wanted to stop the UNR's rising control of the natol industry, as well as rising political power overall. They believed that they would have to wait until 1994 for the best choice to invade and ready the army for that sort of campaign, every projection they ran confirmed it.

They are one of the two sides in the Second Netroban Galactic War. By 1998, the only members left were the Cremtons and the Malkur.