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Arkoz Vanaringstov
Name Arkoz Vanaringstov
Species Cremton (coned head)
Birth 5th August 1950
Home Fawunko City, Jezzord
Affiliation Sotokomist Dirge Army, Cremton Empire
Role General
Gender Male

Arkoz Vanaringstov was a General of the Sotokomist Dirge Army of the Cremton Empire.


In February 1994, he was posted at the factory in the Kerritch Wastelands on Zendronax Prime. However, he was captured by Task Force Comet on the 15th February, 1994, during the Kerritch Raid. He was taken to Jiskomonarva Bay on Xi Taan and imprisoned. Due to the UNR's prisoner of war laws, he could only be interrogated through non-violent means without torture. He was instead subjected to conversations by highly skilled agents who made him mistakenly slip secrets and details they wanted. However, in March, just before the expected launch date of Operation: Underminer, the UNR were desperately seeking an alteration to the constitution to permit torture in extreme cases such as this, where billions of lives would be lost due to the deployment of tremors and put the country and war effort at stake. This move was won, and while he was never tortured, he was threatened with it. He resisted heavily, whilst at the same time his mind was confused over the subject and mental state, and he occasionally co-operated and gave out details due to the nature of the subject. After he guided the UNR to Lavink, he was then thrown into prison until the end of the war.