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Republican Army Auxiliary Force
Name Republican Army Auxiliary Force
Capital Bolunaea Heights, Tokaron
Majority species Xitans
Type of government Military junta
Leadership title Supreme Commander

The Auxiliary Force was the stay-behind organisation of the United Netroban Republic. It was a remnant and resistance force to be installed in in the event that an enemy had made Xi Taan suffer a catastrophe and the Xitan state had dissolved, and that the enemy had killed or incapacitated the President and the "second person" whom the President had designated to make a decision on how to act in the event of his own death. It was led by Makron Xarpius. Whilst they were an independent group pledging their allegiance to the UNR, whether active or otherwise, they placed themselves under the command of the Vortex Kingdom.


They were installed in December 2002 after the Sixth Battle of Xi Taan and the natolic bombing of Xi Taan.

In June 2009, they were dissolved and replaced with the New Central Union, the successor to the UNR.