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Battle of Cremtosa
Name Battle of Cremtosa
Conflict First Netroban Galactic War
Date August, 81 PC
Location Cremtosa
Parties 1 United Netroban Republic
Vortex Kingdom (combined two million soldiers)
Parties 2 Cremton Empire (ten million soldiers)
Leaders Cremton Empire - Haitt Sotokom
Outcome UNR & VK victory
Collapse of the First Cremton Empire
Beginning of the Cremtosa Holocaust
800,000 UNR casualties, 12.2 million Cremton soldier casualties, 5 billion civilian casualties
Concurrent events First Netroban Galactic War
Following events Holocaust
War of the Green Dawn

The Battle of Cremtosa was an invasion of the Cremtosese Imperial capital world of Cremtosa and its capital city of Zrnic, and the parliament buildings of Xinthunx Palace, throughout August, 81 PC. It signalled the end of the First Netroban Galactic War.


It consisted of a brief invasion of infantry on the ground for two weeks to weaken the planetary defences, and to round up HVIs, free POWs, etc. Once all that could be done was over, they packed up and brought in the nuclear fleet. The entire planet was levelled in an immense nuclear bombing that wiped out every square inch of the planet seven times over.