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Battle of Grenyastrax
Name Battle of Grenyastrax
Conflict Second Netroban Galactic War
Date 19th February, 1994
Location Grenyastrax orbit
Findall Plateau
Parties 1 Vortish Royal Navy
Associates of the HMS White Tornado (10,956 soldiers and personnel) (one warship, two frigates, 509 starfighters)
Parties 2 Cremton Star Force
* Tremors (7,554 soldiers and personnel, 305 tremors) (one warship, one frigate, 312 starfighters
Leaders Vortex Kingdom - Makron Xarpius, King Ragsimmil IX
Cremton Empire - Nial Sotokom
Outcome CMAS Vewt disabled and crashed on Findall Plateau, all tremors killed
1,236 Vortex casualties, 7,480 Cremton casualties
Previous events Battle of Bolunaea
Concurrent events Battle of Bolunaea
Following events Battle of Thunderos

The Battle of Grenyastrax was a military operation undertaken by the Vortex Kingdom against the Cremton Empire on the 19th February, 1994, taking place in the orbit of Grenyastrax and the Findall Plateau on the ground. The battle was carried out by the HMS White Tornado and Eightball Division.


During the Battle of Bolunaea, a team of spies for the United Netroban Republic were working at a Cremton space hangar station, and noticed the cruiser that carried the tremors that attacked Tokaron arrived at the hangar station hours before the attack with another cruiser of the exact same design and almost the same specifications, and made the exact same requests and instructions to the dockyard workers. The two ships then went in separate directions after the work was finished, and they had no idea where either was headed, and could not find out. The UNR tracked down the other ship, and soon found its location. They deduced that the ship could have been carrying shipments of tremors to commit another test attack on a world that was yet to be decided. It was detailed, however, that the ship would pass Grenyastrax on the 19th February. The ship was CMAS Vewt. Eightball Division and Stak took the White Tornado and went to attack the ship in orbit of Grenyastrax.

The plan of attack was to destroy the ship and then scout the crash site and kill any survivors and surviving tremors, and discover any intel that was possible to recover. They considered raiding the ship and hijacking it, however they knew they would put the ship on self-destruct and blow everything. They deemed it a better choice to disable the ship themselves and have it crash and save at least a small amount of intel rather than let them self-destruct the ship and lose everything. They intended to attack the ship in very quick but effective patterns to make it crash in the least damaging way and prevent them using the self-destruct feature and not explode on impact. They needed to do it quickly however, before they initiated the self-destruct.

The attack was successful, and Vewt crash landed on Findall Plateau. Eightball and Stak scouted the crash site and the wreckage, and uncovered various caches, dossiers, crates, and world-class encrypted datadisks. They also took various surviving scientists prisoner. Afterwards, they had to deal with 50 surviving heavily-injured tremors who were roaming throughout the area. They even had to venture through various tunnels they dug to chase them down. Afterwards, an SDA team sent out by a Cremton outpost ten miles away arrived at the scene to investigate the wreckage. Eightball fought them off before leaving the planet.