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Battle of Makenotix
Name Battle of Makenotix
Conflict Second Netroban Galactic War
Date 27th September, 1997
Location Makenotix
* Metrona City
Parties 1 United Netroban Republic (6.7 million soldiers)
Parties 2 New Cometan Republic (32.6 million soldiers)
Leaders United Netroban Republic - Panu Makron
New Cometan Republic - Zarpill Brusslein and Funai Yazsil
Outcome United Netroban Republic conquest of Makenotix
Capture of Zarpill Brusslein
3.1 million UNR casualties
9 million NCR casualties
Previous events Raid of Utopime
Following events Battle of Ruberto

The Battle of Makenotix was the military invasion of the cometis homeworld of Makenotix owned by the Larris Protectorate, on the 27th September, 1997.


The UNR went on to attack Makenotix, and used 60% of their EMP and nuclear arsenal for the first time in the war, since nuclear power was extremely scarce. They invaded the powerless planet, and fought off the cometis populace. Meanwhile, Task Force Comet were instructed to chase down Zarpill Brusslein in the capital of Metrona City. After a long firefight, he was imprisoned for the rest of his life on Xi Taan. Afterwards, Kenni Malwa explored his birthplace of Peyitaz Valley.