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Bolunaea Heights
Name Bolunaea Heights
Planet Tokaron
Government United Netroban Republic
Type Ecumenopolis
Population 7 billion
Trivia Most populated city in the galaxy
Second city of the United Netroban Republic
Los Angeles of the UNR and the galaxy
Capital city of the Auxiliary Force and New Central Union
Home of Boschdil Malwa

Bolunaea Heights (pronunciation: Bol-un-eye-ah) was the capital city of Tokaron, and the second city of the United Netroban Republic. It was an ecumenopolis. It had a population of 7 billion. Similar to Los Angeles, it is the media capital of the UNR and the entire galaxy.


During the Second Netroban Galactic War, the Cremton Empire set up a secret Operation: Underminer base holding 20,000 tremors. They unleashed them on the 17th February, 1994, thus beginning the Battle of Bolunaea.

During the battle, the UNR's awareness and previous readiness helped secret evacuation plans, due to sloppy planning and direction by the Cremton organisers of the attack, which Arkoz Vanaringstov knew little about. 8,000 of the tremors were killed in the first day of the battle, and 45% of the citizens of Bolunaea were evacuated. The extermination of the tremors was completed by the 4th March 1994. However, since it was only a test run, and the Cremtons deliberately went easy on them and used lower versions of the tremors, and Bolunaea was an ecumenopolis, this was part of the plan.

In total, 6 million citizens of Bolunaea Heights and 2 million UNR soldiers were killed in the battle. 2 trillion Kriddonas worth of damage was caused.

In 2009, the city became the capital city of the New Central Union, after Xi Taan was destroyed.