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Boschdil Malwa
Name Boschdil Malwa
Species Makenotix cometis (cyan)
Birth 1st October 1990 (Metrona City, Makenotix)
Home Bolunaea Heights, Tokaron (15th October 1990 - June 2005) (November 2011 - )
Eethoirk City, Goctaris (August 2009 - November 2011)
Affiliation Task Force Comet, New Central Union
Role Generalist
Gender Male
Family Shalum Malwa (mother)
Kenni Malwa (half-brother)
Funai Yazsil (Shalum's ex-partner and father of Kenni Malwa)
Valexas Kestla (half sister-in-law)

Boschdil Malwa (Codename: Orange Comet, Orange, or OC) was a cyan cometis, and the second son of Shalum Malwa, and the biological half-brother of Kenni Malwa. He was a member of the United Netroban Republic, and later the New Central Union's Task Force Comet.


Boschdil was born on the 1st October, 1990 to Shalum Malwa, and was secretly sent to Bolunaea Heights, Tokaron at two weeks old. His adoptive family became very secretive of him and convinced their entire neighbourhood to do the same. However, this ended up with him being very secluded during his childhood. His adoptive parents wanted him to be safe and secure from discovery, especially with the new atmosphere with the Second Netroban Galactic War. However, in 2005, after Tokaron was being attacked by the Cremton Empire, his parents told him to leave and make a life for himself, working odd jobs and short careers across various planets. However, along the way, he ended up being led astray in 2007 and being taken under the wing of bad people. He had a brief membership with a gang of smugglers and space pirates, although his conscience got the better of him before he co-operated with them. He abandoned them and signed up with the remnants of the UNR, the Auxiliary Force, in 2008, and managed to hide the fact he was a cometis. He began taking part in various battles and liberation of several cities across the Central Sector, and wowed his superiors and was therefore appointed to Corporal in four months.

During the events of Trial of the Arbiters V: Psyker in June 2009, Red Comet met up with Boschdil and rescued him and his team from a battle. Boschdil signed onto Task Force Comet and was crowned Orange Comet. Afterwards, the New Central Union was sworn into existence, the successor to the late UNR. They launched an attack against Malkland and destroyed Frindintalis City.

He duelled Ith Quetsalothos on the 2nd July, 2009, helping his brother Kenni fight him and disable his psychic abilities.

He was the protagonist of Trial of the Arbiters VI: Last Rites, and was the killer of Ith Quetsalothos.