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Cin Comares City
Name Cin Comares City
Planet Nebon Vahn
Government United Netroban Republic
Type Ecumenopolis, ground level cityscape on grassy hillsides
Population 5 billion
Trivia Crime capital of the UNR and the entire galaxy

Cin Comares City (colloquially just Cin Comares) (pronunciation: Sin So-mares) is the provincial capital of Nebon Vahn, and was the centre of crime throughout the United Netroban Republic, and possibly even the entire Netroba galaxy.


In October 1993, the native Vordrelli Cartel assisted the SDA and Nial Sotokom in storing tremors in a holding facility in the city, and sabotaging planetary and regional defences to allow SDA shuttles to land in the city. During the Battle of Cin Comares, the Cremton Empire attempted to swarm and destroy the city with tremors to act as the second test attack of Operation: Underminer on the 22nd February, 1994. However, the Vordrellis were tricked by Task Force Comet into revealing the location of the holding facility, and Phixol Vordrelli was eliminated in the ensuing fight. The UNR managed to seize the facility and eliminate all SDA soldiers on Nebon Vahn.

In April 1994, the Vordrelli Cartel were disbanded after the heavy loss of their defeat during the battle, and the loss of their leader.