Trial of the Arbiters Wiki
Name Cometa
Sector Central
District Brusslein
Moons 1
Size Medium
Atmosphere Breathable (pre-Hepetivvo)
Poisonous, deadly (post-Hepetivvo)
Overall climate Hot, humid
Primary terrain Rainforest (pre-Hepetivvo)
Fungal forest (post-Hepetivvo)
Surface water Blue water (pre-Hepetivvo
Black water (post-Hepetivvo)
Points of interest Utopime Square
Continents 4
Native species Cometii
Government Cometan Republic (pre-Hepetivvo)
United Netroban Republic (post-Hepetivvo)
Population 27 PC - 5 billion
Capital Utopime Square
Demonym Cometan
Major imports Self-reliant
Major exports Paper, wood, fossil fuels

Cometa was a planet in the Brusslein District of the Central Sector of the Netroba galaxy, and was once the capital world of the ancient Cometan Republic. Its capital city was Utopime Square.


It had a rainforest type landscape, and a hot temperature. During the Hepetivvo Campaign, in November, 27 PC, the entire planet was nuked enough to destroy every square inch of the world two times over. The entire planet was emptied of life after a mass exodus of the two million survivors.

Since there has been no clean-up effort, the planet has became overgrown with fungal life (think Felucia in the Star Wars franchise) and is completely inhospitable for any form of life. If anyone tried to walk on the planet, even with the most advanced protective suits available, the atmosphere was so intense that it would have burned through the materials and engulfed their bodies in flames entirely.

In 1997, after Zarpill Brusslein successfully crafted a suit that could support him in the harsh environment of Cometa, he went to Utopime Square and explored the region around the capital building, to find something he claimed was vital in the ruins. He brought sixty soldiers with him. The UNR discovered this secretly, and Task Force Comet used the illegal transmortalist suits on an emergency permit and chased after them.