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Cometan Republic
New Cometan Republic (February 28 PC - September 1997)
Name Cometan Republic
New Cometan Republic (February 28 PC - September 1997)
Capital Utopime Square, Cometa
Metrona City, Makenotix (February 28 PC - September 1997)
Majority species Cometis
Worlds Pre-Hepetivvo Campaign: 9 (Cometa, Kadra)
Post-Hepetivvo Campaign: 1 (Makenotix)
Notable leaders Zarpill Brusslein
Army Cometan Security Force (CSF)
Type of government Pre-Hepetivvo Campaign: Autarchy
Post-Hepetivvo Campaign: Vassal state under Larris Protectorate Chancellery
Leadership title Autarch

The Cometan Republic was an ancient country located in the Central Sector of the Netroba galaxy. Its capital was Utopime Square, Cometa. Its majority was the cometis species.


The Cometan Republic of the planet Cometa, named for the six local comets in its orbit, was a country during the time before the first war. They were a small player in the Extrasolar Age. It was home to the cometis race, and they were a special group. They could run at Olympic speeds from birth, and had the abilities of an extremely experienced soldier from birth. They were basically a xitan but 25 times more powerful. And by training and working out, they could become far more powerful too. They were also extremely similar to xitans in their minds. This meant that the UNR were wary of them and did not try to occupy or annex them. While they agreed to be xitanised, they did not like the action. This made them a powerful asset to the UNR, since due to their promortalist ideals, the Cometans were the strongest natural warriors in the galaxy. When the war struck, they were ruled by Zarpill Brusslein, the planet's first transmortalist leader, and transformed the entire country into a transmortalist ideology. He then reorganised the government and changed it to an autarchy, and crowned himself the Autarch. They did not dare break the UNR rules on the transmortalist issue however. When the war came, they remained neutral until they thought the Cremtons had a chance. Because of this, the UNR launched a gruesome invasion of the Cometan colonies, and eventually their home planet. In the seven year campaign, the UNR lost twenty million soldiers, but finally conquered the Cometans at their capital city of Utopime Square in November, 27 PC. The entire planet was nuked. The leader, Zarpill Brusslein, retreated to an uncharted planet near the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy, which he named Kadra, which was a snowy world.

The nuking resulted in the near genocide of the entire Cometan race, and only two million Cometans were left in the galaxy. They retreated to an unknown world in the uncharted Undufic District, where they lived for the next 1900 years.

The New Cometan Republic was formed in the year 54 PC on the planet Makenotix, and was the successor to the Cometan Republic. They lived in secret for the next 1900 years. Due to what they had endured, and their low population, they did not focus much on technological progress. They rather decided to stop fighting and start living again, and keeping their existence a top secret. They lived similar to how we on Earth did in the Victorian era. It was dissolved in 1923, when they negotiated terms with Larris Securities, and allowed Larris to annex them into their new country, and is the only world in the country with state status and rights.