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The Extrasolar Age was a period of Netroban history that lasted from 2000 BC - 30 BC.


About two thousand years prior to the establishment of the galactic calendar of the Netroba galaxy (1300 BC), several enormous civilisations began venturing out of their planets and colonising the nearby worlds and territories. These civilisations were the most advanced of all, and were the main players in the colonisation period. This period of history is known as the Extrasolar Age. The five main civilisations were XiTaGov of the planet Xi Taan, Vortex Kingdom of the planet Vortexa, the Holy Malkur Republic of Malkland, the Quake Kingdom of Quakoz, and the Cremton Empire of Cremtosa.

By 200 BC (Before Calendar), the five main civilisations held gigantic sectors of the galaxy, and eventually began to set up relations and trade. They annexed many other worlds into their territories, civilised many, and even brought settlers to uninhabited ones, building cities and making a true community, population, and living experience on the worlds. Galacticisation was underway, and at best 75% complete.

It ended on 30 BC, once Galacticisation was nearly fully completed. It was followed by the Nexus Age.