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Findall Plateau
Name Findall Plateau
Planet Grenyastrax
Government Cremton Empire
Type Military camp
Population 4,000

Findall Plateau (pronunciation: Fin-dorl) was an area on Grenyastrax which held a small Cremton research outpost and the crash site of CMAS Vewt, both ten miles away from each other.


During the Battle of Grenyastrax, the CMAS Vewt crash-landed in the area. Eightball Division scouted the crash site and the wreckage, and uncovered various caches, dossiers, crates, and world-class encrypted datadisks. They also took various surviving scientists prisoner. Afterwards, they had to deal with 50 surviving tremors who were roaming throughout the area. They even had to venture through various tunnels they dug to chase them down. However, just before they left, they had to deal with an SDA team who were sent from the nearby Camp Findall who had came to investigate the crash site. Camp Findall was the commanding outpost for the entire planet, who ruled operations on the world.