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First Netroban Galactic War
Name First Netroban Galactic War
Date 3rd January, 1 PC - August, 81 PC
Location Netroba galaxy
Parties 1 Cremton Empire
Cometan Republic
Parties 2 United Netroban Republic
Vortex Kingdom
Quake Kingdom
Leaders Cremton Empire - Emperor Haitt Sotokom
Cometan Republic - Autarch Zarpill Brusslein
Outcome UNR & VK victory
Nuclear devastation of Cremtosa and Cometa, destruction of both countries

Dissolution and reinstatement of the Quake Kingdom
67 billion estimated overall casualties
Concurrent events Hepetivvo Campaign
Following events War of the Green Dawn

The First Netroban Galactic War (then the Great Netroban War) was a galactic war that took place on the 3rd January, 1 PC (two nights after the galactic calendar was instated) to August, 81 PC.


The Cremton Empire declared war on the United Netroban Republic and the Vortex Kingdom, and the Holy Malkur Republic stayed neutral. The Quake Kingdom took part in the UNR & VK's side. Due to the galactic and gigantic scale this war held, it lasted for a gruelling eighty years. The war was an ideological war, between promortalism and transmortalism, as well as against the UNR's aggression and sabotage of the Cremtosese's research and science efforts. Due to the UNR's strict regulations, the galaxy had space-age technology, but was equal to Earth in the year 2020 in many forms.

Xi Taan was attacked four times, and Vortexa was attacked three times.

In the year 27, the UNR launched the Hepetivvo Campaign, where they launched an invasion of the Cometan Republic. The planet Cometa was nuked entirely, and the whole planet was evacuated and the entire cometis species underwent a diaspora to an unknown world.

In the year 35, the Quake Kingdom was conquered by the Cremtosese, and was completely occupied by them. They attempted to erase all evidence of the Quakov from history.

The war was ended in August, 81 PC after the UNR nuked the entirety of the Cremton capital planet of Cremtosa after a pyrrhic victorious invasion. This utterly destroyed the society and landscape of Cremtosa. The UNR quarantined the entire planet, but also tried removing any trace of it and thereby completely isolated the planet, while allowing only one single group from surveying the world.

The entire war (including the after-effects) took an estimated 67 billion lives.