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Haitt Sabotage
Name Haitt Sabotage
Conflict Second Netroban Galactic War
Date 8th February, 1994
Location Haitt Star Force Base, Tinzypovnovsk Coast, Thrikstillia
Parties 1 Task Force Comet
Parties 2 Cremton Empire (30,000 soldiers at Haitt, 15,000 staff)
Leaders TFC - Panu Makron
Cremton Empire - Nial Sotokom
Outcome Near-destruction and unrebuildability of Haitt Star Force Base
Legendary war story
Massive damage to the CSF, as well as Cremton national morale
24,000 Cremton casualties, 13,000 injured
Previous events Yanli Raid
Following events Hijacking of Hierarchical Transport IV

The Haitt Sabotage was a legendary mission undertaken by the United Netroban Republic's own Task Force Comet, on the 8th February, 1994. It was the first organised assassination attempt on Nial Sotokom, and led to the destruction of Haitt Star Force Base, and the Hijacking of Hierarchical Transport IV. The entire mission cost 12 billion Kriddona. Although it failed, it was famous for decades to come due to the risk taken in the operation, the high expenditure, eight-man team, and the impossibility seen in raiding the Cremton Empire's primary and most heavily guarded airbase.


On the 8th February 1994, the most daring mission possible was underway: the Haitt Sabotage. All eight members of Task Force Comet sneaked through Haitt SFB, the most heavily defended Cremton base, and broke into Hierarchical Transport IV. Just before they entered the ship, they destroyed the base by spiking the fuels being put into certain spacecraft, and setting charges on the fuel depot. Nial Sotokom was riding the transport that day, and had landed at Haitt to discuss issues with high-ranking Navy and Star Force personnel.