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Haitt Sotokom
Name Haitt Sotokom
Species Cremton (reptilian)
Country Cremton Empire (-30 BC - 81 PC)
Dirge (81 PC - 88 PC)
Terms Emperor (-7 BC - 88 PC) (612th Cremton leader) (first Dirge leader)
Birth 12th September, -30 BC
Home Zrnic City, Cremtosa
Affiliation Cremton Empire (-30 BC - 81 PC)
Dirge (81 PC - 88 PC)
Role Emperor
Gender Male
Family Sotokom Dynasty
Death 7th October 88 PC

Haitt Sotokom (-30 BC - 88 PC) (Pronunciation: Height), born in -30 BC, was the emperor of the First Cremton Empire from -7 BC to 88 PC, and the 612th Cremton leader and the first leader of the Dirge.


When the Holocaust occurred, he took refuge in a governmental subterranean shelter in the continent of Opa-Don. The shelter he was inside was the primary shelter, and housed every single national VIP. He was still the leader of what was left of the Cremton government, and ruled all of the other 400 shelters across the planet. He died seven years later in the year 88. The Haitt Star Force Base in the Tinzypovnovsk Coast of Thrikstillia, once the primary naval and aerial base of the country, was founded in his honour several centuries later.