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Hepetivvo Campaign
Name Hepetivvo Campaign
Conflict Second Netroban Galactic War
Date September, 20 PC - November, 27 PC
Location Cometan Republic
Parties 1 United Netroban Republic
Parties 2 Cometan Republic
Leaders Cometan Republic - Autarch Zarpill Brusslein
Outcome UNR victory
Nuclear devastation of Cometa, near-extinction of the cometis species
Colonisation of Makenotix
21.5 million UNR casualties, unknown amount of Cometan casualties, two million cometis survivors
Concurrent events First Netroban Galactic War

The Hepetivvo Campaign (Pronunciation: Hep-tiv-oh) (Named after a mineral unique to Cometa) was a military operation conducted by the United Netroban Republic against the Cometan Republic. It was declared in September, 20 PC, and lasted until November, 27 PC.


When the First Netroban Galactic War struck, they were ruled by Zarpill Brusslein, the planet's first transmortalist leader, and transformed the entire country into a transmortalist ideology. He then reorganised the government and changed it to an autarchy, and crowned himself the Autarch. They did not dare break the UNR rules on the transmortalist issue however. When the war came, they remained neutral until they thought the Cremton Empire had a chance. Because of this, the UNR launched a gruesome invasion of the Cometan colonies, not taking any chances on whether the CR would join up with the Cremtosese, and eventually took the fighting to their home planet of Cometa. In the seven year campaign, the UNR lost twenty million soldiers, but finally conquered the Cometans at their capital city of Utopime Square.

In November, 27 PC. The entire planet was nuked. This resulted in the disappearance of the entirety of the cometis species in the galaxy, as well as the near genocide of the cometis species. They led a mass exodus to an uncharted planet named Makenotix. It also resulted in the de facto death of the planet Cometa.