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Oritean Hevriyre Corporate Administration
Name Oritean Hevriyre Corporate Administration
Capital Xaradansk City, Feere
Majority species Vewts
Worlds 22
Notable leaders Xyxx Mijifa
Army Hevriyre Security Consulting (HSC)
Type of government Corporate sovereign state
Leadership title Director

The Oritean Hevriyre Corporate Administration (colloquially the Hevriyre Corporation) is a corporation and country in the Southern Arm of the Netroba galaxy. Their capital is Xaradansk City on planet Feere. Their culture is that of the UK in the years 1997-2003. They are led by a Director, and the current director is Xyxx Mijifa.


In 924, the Hevriyre Corporation based on planet Feere in the Vortex Kingdom, were becoming an interplanetary conglomerate. Originally, they dealt in telecommunications, computing, software, and social networking. Throughout the decades, they then began branching out and ruling many business, industrial, and especially social, cultural, and fashion aspects of the Orite District of the country, and secretly, the Vortex Government wanted to destroy the company for their ideology, philosophy, and political agenda they attempted to spread, as well as their growing control and seizing of business sectors, as well as fearing they would spread out of the Orite District. The HC grew suspicions of this and attempted to expose the conspiracy, with success. A social, and eventually military rebellion was began in the Orite District by people and soldiers loyal to the corporation, or simply brainwashed and sheepish due to their control of the local fashion and culture industry. This was named the "Orite Uprising". The VK gave up, since the HCs power and control made the VK unable to handle the costs, as well as the sheer devotion of the population. They pulled out and recognised the Orite District as a sovereign state under the Hevriyre Corporation. They officially became the "Oritean Hevriyre Corporate Administration", or colloquially just the "Hevriyre Corporation", in 931.

They joined up with the Alliance of Ganrelles in 1983, and declared war on the UNR and VK in 1992.

During the Second Netroban Galactic War, they used an illegal primitive robotic army, named MEKA.