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Jiskomonarva Bay
Name Jiskomonarva Bay
Planet Xi Taan
Government United Netroban Republic
Type Portside city
Population 3 billion
Trivia Capital city and industrial and manufacturing capital of the United Netroban Republic

Jiskomonarva Bay (Pronunciation: Jis-koh-mon-ah-vah) (originally the Jargo Desert) is the capital city of the planet Xi Taan and the United Netroban Republic.


Originally the capital of the ancient Jisko country, it became the planetary capital. It was attacked four times during the First Netroban Galactic War and twice during the Second Netroban Galactic War. On the second and final attack, the city and the planet were nated. After Moxitaan was reduced to smithereens in 2002, the entire planet was forever, irreversibly doomed.