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Kaskade 3
Name Kaskade 3
Sector Central
District Varenus
Size Very small
Atmosphere Breathable
Overall climate Windy, hot
Primary terrain Oceans, underwater city hubs and tunnel networks
Surface water Blue water
Points of interest Bendarg Hub
Native species Aquatic wildlife
Immigrated species Xitans (67%)
Vewts (33%)
Government United Netroban Republic
Cremton Empire (July 1993 - October 1993 occupation)
Population 15 million
Capital Bendarg Hub
Demonym Kaskadan
Major imports Foodstuffs, natoleum, metals
Major exports Aquatic meats, fossil fuels

Kaskade 3 (originally Hydron 3) is the third of the three moons of the planet Kaskade in the Varenus District of the Central Sector. (Pronunciation: Casc-aid) Its capital is the Bendarg Hub. It was ruled by the United Netroban Republic. It has a population of 15 million.


The entire moon is an ocean, and only has at least three cities. These cities are known as "hubs". They are gigantic underwater cities and a tunnel networks. The main one is the Bendarg Hub (think Rapture in the original BioShock series). There are oil rigs scattered throughout the planet. The only native life to the moon are fish and other forms of sea life.

In 1974, Kenni Malwa landed on an oil rig not far from the Bendarg Hub. He was then taken into foster care in the city.

The entire Kaskade system was conquered by the Cremton Empire in July 1993. The main repelling force was the Bendarg Resistance, made up of unifying forces of the city's police and nearly all of the populace. They were the main force behind the Liberation of the Kaskade System, since Kaskade 3 had a great tactical position against the Cremton Fleet, and was used as the base for most of the invasion force's munitions and artillery. The Cremtosese found invading Kaskade 3 fairly difficult, since it was entirely an ocean, and that they had to be very careful of the delicate hubs as to make sure they were not damaged and flooded, since the hubs were essential to their encampment on the moon and garrisons.

On October 1st 1993, the Battle of Bendarg was staged, where the Bendarg Resistance destroyed the Cremton forces in the Bendarg Hub in a surprise attack, allowing them to deactivate the artillery and ground-to-space missiles and weaponry. This acted as a catalyst for the UNR to destroy the Cremton fleet and free the rest of the system.