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Kerritch Raid
Name Kerritch Raid
Conflict Second Netroban Galactic War
Date 15th February, 1994
Location Kerritch Wastelands, Vindacreta
Parties 1 Task Force Comet
Parties 2 Cremton Empire (1,114 soldiers and personnel)
Leaders TFC - Panu Makron
Cremton Empire - General Arkoz Vanaringstov
Outcome Capture of General Arkoz Vanaringstov, 82 Cremton casualties
Previous events Siege of the Zygglian Nebula
Following events Battle of Bolunaea

The Kerritch Raid was a military campaign undertaken by the United Netroban Republic and Task Force Comet on the 15th February, 1994. It took place at an SDA factory at the Kerritch Wastelands on Zendronax Prime.


TFC sneaked over to the facility and broke through the boundaries. They then split up throughout the base, and, whilst having observational support from the others, Red Comet had to go through the facility alone and capture Cremton Empire General Arkoz Vanaringstov, taking him prisoner. He needed to be captured to discover information on Operation: Underminer, and he was the easiest high-ranking officer to catch at the time, with certain security measures around him being lowered to save spending, with him deemed low on the unlikely scale to be sought or even able to be captured. Vanaringstov was captured, and TFC regrouped on Red. They fought their way out of the facility and escaped.