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Lavink (originally Kadra)
Name Lavink (originally Kadra)
Sector Central
District Void
Moons 1
Size Small
Atmosphere Toxic, breathing mask required
Overall climate Freezing, snowy (pre-supernova)
Scorching (post-supernova)
Primary terrain Ice, tundra, mountains (pre-supernova)
Volcanic rock (post-supernova)
Surface water Blue water (pre-supernova)
Lava, magma (post-supernova)
Points of interest Andertierre Mountain
Kadra Bunker
Continents 2
Immigrated species Cometii, Cremtons
Government Cometan Republic
Larris Securities (1927-1972)
Cremton Empire (1979-1994)
United Netroban Republic
Capital Kadra Bunker
Andertierre Mountain (1979-onwards)
Demonym Lavina
Major exports Metals, ores, munitions, military equipment, armor, minerals

Lavink (originally Kadra) is an entirely volcanic planet located in near the centre of the Netroba galaxy, in the Void District.


Originally a bright tundra world uncharted to all of the galaxy except the Cometan Republic, and was kept secret. It was used as a facility for illegal research, as well as a contingency world for the continuity of government in the case of a national catastrophe.

At the age of 62, Brusslein had a network of cryogenic chambers in a small contingency outpost used for the continuity of government after a disaster, to shelter high-value individuals of the Cometan Republic. Research for transmortalist technology was undertaken here as well. Cryogenic research was outlawed, and Brusslein was a leading underground scientist researching on prolonging life, as well as cryogenics. His country owned the only cryo chambers in the galaxy. He and a team of 40 of the highest personnel in the government and military joined him, and they set up a robotic guard, at the cryo bunker and set themselves to cryosleep for fifty years. However, a supernova hit the solar system that Kadra was in, and it resulted in it transforming into the molten pit that it modernly became. The resulting electromagnetic pulse tampered with the cryo generators, and recalculated the onboard computers of the cryo chambers. This also killed thirteen of the forty-one. Suddenly, Brusslein and his men were awoken in the year 1927. It seemed that Larris Securities had awoken them, and that it was the year 1927 since the cryo chambers failed. Larris had used the help of the Cometis world in Undufic to create Undupolli, and they discovered Brusslein was here.

When the planet was abandoned, the Cremton Empire discovered it in the year 1979. They developed secret facilities to mine the resources, and made their main facility on Andertierre Mountain. It was invaded by the UNR in 1994 and occupied by them. In 1997, Task Force Comet invaded the facility where Brusslein and his team were in stasis at.