Trial of the Arbiters Wiki
Name Makenotix
Sector Central
District Undufic
Moons 2
Size Large
Atmosphere Breathable
Overall climate Windy, mild
Primary terrain Red rock, mountains
Surface water Naturally yellow water
Points of interest Metrona City
Peyitaz Valley
Continents 4
Immigrated species Cometii (84%)
Xitans (11%)
Government Cometan Republic
New Cometan Republic (54 PC - 1922)
Larris Securities (1923 - 1997)
United Netroban Republic (1997-2020)
Federation of Undupolli
Population 48 million
Capital Metrona City
Demonym Makenotixer
Major imports Foodstuffs, natoleum, technology, medicine, metals
Major exports Quarry, minerals

Makenotix is a planet in the Central Sector of the Netroba galaxy, located in the Undufic District, and ruled by the Larris Protectorate. It was mainly a red, rocky planet with yellow water oceans. It was the home of the Cometans since 27 PC. The Planetary Governor is Zarpill Brusslein, and the provincial capital is Metrona City.


Originally used as a secret world of the Cometan Republic during the Extrasolar Age, it was used as the secondary facility for illegal research, as well as a contingency world for the continuity of government in the case of a national catastrophe, the primary world for these purposes at the time being Kadra. When the Hepetivvo Campaign was launched during the First Netroban Galactic War, and the capital world of Cometa was nuked entirely in the year 27, the surviving two million cometis fled to the secret world, and set up their new world there. They lived in secret for the next 1900 years. Due to what they had endured, and their low population, they did not focus much on technological progress. They lived similar to how we on Earth did in the Victorian era.

When Larris Securities conquered the region in the 1920s, they struck a deal with the citizens of Makenotix. If they helped Larris conquer the region, they would not rat them out to the galaxy and also help them with their cause. They eventually managed to convince Ahri-Oferd Larris to support transmortalism and all of the philosophy the Cometans held.

The citizens of Makenotix were confined to the planet, and when the time was right, they would unleash themselves all over the galaxy.

In 1997, when the Battle of Makenotix struck, Zarpill Brusslein was killed. The planet was hammered by EMPs, and all the cometii in the entire galaxy were confined to the planet. By 1998, the entire planet was quarantined by the UNR. The citizens lived there in isolation until 2020. After that, the quarantine was lifted, and cometii were free to move around the galaxy.