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Natoleum (colloquially natol) is the primary energy source of the Netroba galaxy. It is blue in colour, and can be used in explosive and laser weaponry.


Cremton scientists during the Holocaust discovered a new element named natoleum. It was formed after the nuclear weapons used in the bombing of Cremtosa mutated and fused a large mix of minerals, natural resources, and gases native to the planet. The newly formed Cremton Administration also figured out how to clone natoleum. Natoleum (natol) was an energy and fuel source twenty times more powerful than fossil fuels, oil, atomic and nuclear power combined. It was also fifty times more powerful an explosive than nuclear weaponry, and a natolic bomb (nate) could reach a maximum 70 million megatons (tested on an uninhabited planet near Cremtosa.) (If a 70m mt bomb was set off in Kansas City, it could take out everything from Albuquerque to Pittsburgh, and New Orleans to Winnipeg, Canada in a circular fashion. By the year 486, they used this as their main energy source, and to kickstart their planet-wide regeneration project.

From the 8th to 18th centuries, the Cremton Empire held the galactic monopoly on natoleum, making them the lone superpower of the galaxy.

In 1677, the UNR and the rest of the galaxy suffers severely due to the centuries of the Cremton monopoly on natoleum, and their continued refusal to share the secret of creating it as well as lowering prices.

In 1744, the UNR, after a century of espionage, discovered the secrets of synthetic natol. They finally managed to create their own natol weaponry, ships, equipment, etc. With this, the Cremton Empire was no longer the lone superpower. The UNR was now just slightly behind the CE in all terms. This enraged the CE government, but were powerless against them. By 1753, the UNR & VK had a fully natolised country.

In 1812, the Cremton scientists discovered that natural natoleum was slowly degrading and would soon become unusable, and that as a result synthetic natoleum would suffer the same since a key ingredient is a miniscule amount of natural natoleum. By 1825, it was put on high alert, and contingency plans were created. With these, there was enough natol left to last another 250 years. However, this meant that the galaxy had to switch back to plutonium, nuclear, and other primitive forms of energy and use natol as a secondary.

The only case of natolic weaponry being used in places other than tests were during the War of the Green Dawn and the Natolic bombing of Russ in 1982.

After the Second Netroban Galactic War ended in 2011, natolic power was never used again after 2025 after the planet switched completely to renewable energy and resources in the Life Age.