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Natolic bombing of Russ
Name Natolic bombing of Russ
Conflict The Conspiracy
Date 28th July, 1982
Location Russ' capital city
Parties 1 Larris Protectorate
Parties 2 Cremton Empire
Russ Border Agency
Leaders Larris Protectorate - Ahri-Oferd Larris
Zarpill Brusslein
Funai Yazsil (perpetrator)
Outcome 1.3 billion casualties
Destruction of Russ' capital city and a gargantuan amount of the encircling land
1.3 billion killed
Formation of the Alliance of Ganrelles
Concurrent events Cremton Revolution
Following events Second Netroban Galactic War

The natolic bombing of the planet Russ was an attack conducted on the 28th July, 1982, by an unknown party, and took the lives of 1.3 billion people. The nate was set off in the provincial capital of the Cremton-governed world. While the culprit was never found, the United Netroban Republic and investigators blamed it on anti-Cremton terrorist/activist groups from worlds rebelling against Cremton rule. However, the Cremton Empire firmly blamed the United Netroban Republic for the attack, citing irreconcilable differences, economic and political tensions, and their support and arms-lending to rebel groups on Cremton worlds.

This event caused Alidor Sotokom to create the Alliance of Ganrelles in 1983 to survey the UNR and plot against them and expose them for their belief they committed the atrocity.

In reality, it was committed by the leader of Larris' military, Funai Yazsil, in order to begin a conspiracy and turn the UNR & CE on each other, and plunge the galaxy into war. Yazsil smuggled two natolic weapons aboard a cutting-edge Cremton gunship stolen from the Cremton Empire by resistance fighters within the Empire, which was then subsequently stolen by Larris, whilst the perpetrator was never discovered. When space traffic controllers spoke to Yazsil over radio as he was nearing Russ and asked for his ID number and mission directive, as well as reason for landing, he stalled for time to get closer. When he was near enough, he tore apart an orbital defence cruiser and a customs space station with one of the nates loaded on-board his ship. The blast took out a small but crippling fraction of the Russ Border Agency, and massively obscured the view of all other ships in orbit, taking out all of their radar and detection systems, preventing them from intercepting Yazsil. This allowed him to fly through the cloud (certain ships cannot be effected by a natolic cloud depending on time spent within it, and the ship in question was also specially upgraded by Larris for the purpose) and plummet down to the atmosphere above the capital city, and landed 10 miles outside of the city in rocky plains, which was a planned location, where there would be a getaway ship. Yazsil set a charge on the last nate, and set it to explode in five minutes, the time it would take him for him to safely ascend out of distance further into the atmosphere. The nate went off, and Yazsil escaped for Makenotix.