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Nebon Vahn
Name Nebon Vahn
Sector Central
District Kulp
Moons 1
Size Very large
Atmosphere Breathable, polluted
Overall climate Hot
Primary terrain Grey rock, grassy plains, decaying cityscape, ecumenopolis
Surface water Naturally red water
Points of interest Cin Comares City
Continents 7
Native species Nebonna
Immigrated species Xitans (22%)
Nebonna (20%)
Cremtons (7%)
Malkur (7%)
Vewt (7%)
Quakov (3%)
Vort (15%)
Kandoregoans (6%)
Other various (13%)
Government United Netroban Republic
Population 34 billion
Capital Cin Comares City
Demonym Nebon Vahnic
Major imports Natoleum, foodstuffs
Major exports Munitions, narcotics, chemicals, metals, private security, criminal trades

Nebon Vahn (pronunciation: Nee-bon Varn) (also known as Little Tokaron) is a planet and ecumenopolis in the Kulp District of the Central Sector of the Netroba galaxy, owned by the United Netroban Republic. Its provincial capital city is Cin Comares. The culture of Nebon Vahn is a mix of New York criminal culture, Mafia culture, and London criminal culture. It is the most densely populated planet in the entire galaxy.


A run-down, polluted, dangerous, filthy, crime-infested world, and is the crime capital of the UNR, and perhaps even the entire Netroba galaxy. It is flooded with decaying architecture and congested cities. You could name any Class A illegal substance that was rare to find in any part of the galaxy, and Nebon Vahn would have fortunes of it. For every 100,000 people, 20,000 were either gangsters, drug-dealers, smugglers, pirates, or thieves. It only became like the way it is during the 1840s, in the beginning of the Great Depression and the Dark Age, however. Before that time, it was still a run-down, poor world, but had nowhere near the level of negativity as it did in modern times. It was even the birthplace of Ahri-Oferd Larris and Larris Securities.

The planet's capital city was attacked by the Cremton Empire on the 22nd February, 1994, during the Battle of Cin Comares. The SDA and the native Vordrelli Cartel planned since October 1993 to unleash a wave of 1200 tremors upon the city to act as the second test attack for Operation: Underminer. The attack failed before it even started however, with Phixol Vordrelli being executed and being tricked into revealing the location of the tremor holding facility, and the Republican Army storming the holding facility, with no tremors being released wild and all SDA personnel eliminated and captured.

The climate of the world is hot, and is completely dark. The terrain is cityscape, however the natural terrain is grey rock and grassy plains, with natural red water oceans.