Trial of the Arbiters Wiki

The Netroba galaxy is the setting of Trial of the Arbiters. It is a dwarf barred spiral galaxy, and looks similar to NGC 1365. The galaxy is divided into three sectors: the Northern Arm, Central Sector, and the Southern Arm. The galaxy is divided into districts.


Scientists have wondered why the galaxy is the way it is, but have come to no conclusion. It's expanse is the size of the Milky Way , but only holds at least 4,000 stars and 20,000 planets 12,000 of which are charted, and 50% of the charted worlds in the galaxy are suitable for life.

Northern Arm[]

Sotokom District[]

Holy District[]

Quake District[]

  • Quakoz (Xeqso Beach)
  • Burrose (Etneus Forest)
  • Vidathe (Jubila Ocean)

Brunk District[]

Drazork District[]

Sodarek District[]

Gondor District[]

Central Sector[]

Varenus District[]

Zeief District[]

Rez District[]

Kulp District[]

Vuza District[]

Jisko District[]

Void District[]

Graegin District[]

Brusslein District[]

Undupolli District[]

Undufic Sector[]

Zerpolli Sector[]

  • Icink (Helfis Glacier)
  • Exx (Tangalore Island)
  • Tangor (Srorka City)

Southern Arm[]

Wethylisp District[]

Kortra District[]

  • Fanta (Manafaska Reef)
  • Chthontos (Ryonuer Pit)

Orite District[]

  • Feere (Xaradansk City)
  • Olicos (Sazrein Volcano)
  • Kijj (Celukoci Crater)
  • Fedde (Kalbos Tunnels)
  • Bokomox (Wasentodd City)
  • Eka-Thavam (Gonk Swamp)
  • Elok-Wutaka (Intega Caves)
  • Caparest (Vorvan Plains)
  • HEV Station