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Nial Sotokom
Name Nial Sotokom
Species Cremton (reptilian)
Country Cremton Military Authority
Terms General of the Army (18th October 1989 - 28th March 1994) (799th Cremton leader) (66th and final GOTA) (final leader of the Cremton Military Authority)
Birth 17th June 1962
Home Zrnic City, Cremtosa
Affiliation Cremton Empire
Role Leader
Gender Male
Family Alidor Sotokom (father)
Sotokom Dynasty
Death 28th March 1994 (Battle of Lavink)

Nial Sotokom (1962- 28th March, 1994) is the third son of Alidor Sotokom, and is the GOTA of the Cremton Empire from 1989-1994. He is the 66th GOTA and the 799th Cremton leader. He was born in 1962. He was also the final member of the Sotokom Dynasty.


Succeeding his murdered father in 1989, he became the new GOTA of the Cremton Empire. While on a tour of the Cremton facility on planet Lavink, the planet was invaded and he fought Kenni Malwa in a one-on-one battle. He was then taken captive and was to be flown to Jiskomonarva Bay to be imprisoned. However, he was killed by an unknown politician who was accompanying him, who escaped. It was later found out to have been Zazel Emetath, who wanted to take over the country for himself and end the Royal Family of the Cremton Empire.