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Panu Makron
Name Panu Makron
Species Xitan (silver)
Country United Netroban Republic
Terms Two 10-year terms (1984-2002) (2023rd UNR President) (final President of the United Netroban Republic)
Birth 2nd June 1956
Home Jargo Plains, Xi Taan
Affiliation United Netroban Republic
Role President
Gender Male
Death 26th October 2002

Panu Makron (1956-2002) was the xitan president of the United Netroban Republic from 1984-2002, where he was killed during the Natolic bombing of Xi Taan. He was re-elected in 1994, and had done eight of his ten years when he was killed in the bombing. He was the 2023rd President of the United Netroban Republic. (including those from the Jisko Republic and XiTaGov)