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Pronkol Detention Camp
Name Pronkol Detention Camp
Planet Takoq
Government Cremton Empire
United Netroban Republic (1997-onwards)
Type Desert prison
Population 52,000 prisoners, 24,000 staff members and soldiers

The Pronkol Detention Camp (pronunciation: Pron-coal) is the primary prisoner of war camp of the Cremton Empire and SDA, located in the Pronkol Desert on the planet Takoq. It was destroyed during the Decampment of Pronkol on the 12th May, 1997, after Lotok Stakchankov and Hagrov Vregamor led an uprising, destroying the prison and its nearby naval base.


With a capacity of 60,000, it was the largest military prison in the country, and it held 35,000 by January 1994. On the 23rd February, 1994, the Pronkol Skirmish occured, where Green Comet, Blue Comet, and Gold Comet of the UNR's Task Force Comet were captured the day before during the Battle of Bolunaea, and were imprisoned there. During the battle, the remaining members of TFC managed to sneak through and rescue the three before they were put through into the prison sector of the Pronkol Desert. In the confusion, a small uprising of six thousand inmates in the prison occurred, and caused mass damage. Three thousand of those managed to escape and followed TFC. A UNR destroyer managed to break through the orbital defences and pick up TFC and the 3000 escapees.

By May 1997, the prison held 52,000 inmates. On the 12th May, 1997, the 300 captured members Eightball Division, led by Lotok Stakchankov and Hagrov Vregamor, led an uprising of all 52,000 prisoners. After months of planning, they led an rebellion and escaped the prison. This took the course of fighting through the prison, swarming and stampeding the neighbouring naval base and hijacking a natolic submarine and launching strikes against the regional ground-to-space guns and artillery, thus allowing a rescue fleet to arrive. The prison and the outlying military outposts were then destroyed in bombing runs and reduced to ash. The Cremton Empire abandoned Takoq shortly after.