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Quake Kingdom
State of Quake (751 - 946)
Quake Republic (2014 - )
Name Quake Kingdom
State of Quake (751 - 946)
Quake Republic (2014 - )
Capital Xeqso Beach, Quakoz
Majority species Quakov
Worlds 23
Army Quake Army (QA)
Type of government Constitutional monarchy
Republic (2014 - )
Leadership title King
President (2014 - )

The Quake Kingdom (Colloquially Quakan, or Quakov) were an ancient country in the Netroba galaxy from planet Quakoz, and the majority were the Quakov species.


Owning a small circle of space in the Northern Arm, they went to war with the Cremton Empire during the First Netroban Galactic War, and their lands were invaluable as a forward base for the UNR. However, in the year 35 PC, the Cremtosese conquered their territories, and they were officially usurped into the Cremton Empire, and the Cremtosese did their best to try and erase every trace of the Quakan from history.

After the war ended, the country was re-established, however there was also a permanent Cremton population, who by law could not be evicted. The TCC therefore ethnically segregated the Cremtons and the natives. This spelt doom for the Quake Kingdom however when after the War of the Green Dawn, the Cremton populations of the Quakan worlds began mass rioting and rebellion on Quake worlds they were on, and managed to gain their annexation into the Second Cremton Empire, and the UNR were powerless to do anything. Eventually, because of the remaining rioting, dwindling economy and therefore lowering life standards in the country, they declared themselves bankrupt and unsovereignised, and became a vassal state of the Cremton Empire. Two centuries later, the vassal state was abolished and they became a normal part of the Cremton territories.

In 2014, a new country was formed: the Quake Republic; a successor to the late Quake Kingdom, with its capital on Quakoz, which died in the 9th century. Many former QK worlds pledged their allegiance to the QR and allowed them to annex them.