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Quppr Tundra
Name Quppr Tundra
Planet Zorbadrall
Government United Netroban Republic
Cremton Empire (1992-1994)
Type Snowy, icy hills, Cremton Empire communications centre
Population 7,000

The Quppr Tundra (pronunciation: Kwup-er) was a snowy mountain area with icebergs on the planet Zorbadrall. It was the site of the UNR's Raid of Quppr Tundra on the 6th March, 1994.


With the recent developments with Arkoz Vanaringstov, he led the UNR to discover that a Cremton Empire communications outpost at the Quppr Tundra on planet Zorbadrall held several blueprints and code patterns to Cremton radio and files. They deduced that the base could possibly hold the keys to unlocking the rest of the datadisks recovered from Grenyastrax over two weeks ago. Task Force Comet went to investigate the base and infiltrated it. After securing the mainframe, they went loud and called in a strike team to seize the base. They then downloaded all of the information on the mainframe.