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Raid of Utopime
Name Raid of Utopime
Conflict Second Netroban Galactic War
Date 27th September, 1997
Location Utopime Square, Cometa
Parties 1 Task Force Comet
Parties 2 Larris Protectorate (61 soldiers)
Leaders TFC - President Panu Makron
Larris Protectorate - General Funai Yazsil and Vice-Chancellor Zarpill Brusslein
Outcome Escape of Zarpill Brusslein
55 LP casualties
Previous events Siege of Daybrinburne
Following events Battle of Makenotix

The Raid of Utopime was a military campaign orchestrated by both the United Netroban Republic and the Larris Protectorate, who fought against each other during, which took place on the 27th September, 1997 in Utopime Square. It counted as the first biological steps on the planet Cometa in nearly 1970 years.


Zarpill Brusslein successfully crafted a suit that could support him in the harsh environment of Cometa, and he went to Utopime Square and explored the region around the capital building, to find something he claimed was vital in the ruins. He brought sixty soldiers with him. The UNR discovered this secretly, and Task Force Comet used the illegal transmortalist suits on an emergency permit and chased after them. After a fight with him, he escaped the planet for Makenotix.