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The Sotokomist Dirge Army are the armed forces of the Cremton Empire. They are led by a General of the Army (GOTA)

In 732, the Cremton Administration took on a new form of government, whilst retaining the Sotokom Dynasty. It was now a military junta. It was literally run by the military. The head of state, prime minister, council, etc. were all members of the Sotokomist Dirge Army. The leader of the country was the "General of the Army" (GOTA), and ruled for life unless they abdicated. The country was crowned as the Second Cremton Empire (officially the Cremton Military Authority). The Cremtons decided to conform to a promortalist agenda, and agreed that they would join the Technological Crimes Commission.

After the death of Nial Sotokom and the subsequent extinction of the Sotokom Dynasty, Zazel Emetath took power and redesigned the governmental structure of the Cremton state. The army was then renamed to the "Cremton Imperial Army". (CIA)

After the Second Netroban Galactic War, and the subsequent redesign of the governmental structure and the newly formed Cremton Republic, the CIA was then renamed to the "Cremton Defense Agency". (CDA) Due to the post-War sanctions and stigma, the army was almost completely reduced, and was by law restricted to only having forces capable of soldiering the populace of their worlds, and defending only Cremtosa. They were stripped off their natolic arsenal. The only formidable fighting force they held was the division at Cremtosa.

Generals of the Army (GOTAs)[]

Imperial commanders[]