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Sui Yoxx Casino Hotel & Resort
Name Sui Yoxx Casino Hotel & Resort
Sector Northern
District Sodarek
Zygglian Nebula, Zyggast orbit
Size Large
Government United Netroban Republic
Sui Yoxx management and parent corporation
Population 56 million visitors annually
65,000 patron capacity

The Sui Yoxx Casino Hotel & Resort (pronunciation: Swee Yocks) is the most famous and prestigious casino resort across the entire United Netroban Republic, located in the Zygglian Nebula. Named after its creator, it was opened in May 1999. The layout is a large man-made island with a small waterfall mountain in space, acting as the resort, with a large 89 metre tall casino building.

In 2002, Task Force Comet sneaked through the casino security to capture Cremton insurgents who were plotting the Battle of Zygglia.