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Task Force Comet
Name Task Force Comet
Capital Jiskomonarva Bay, Xi Taan, United Netroban Republic (1985-2002)
HMS White Tornado (destroyed during the Third Battle of Cremtosa on October 1st 2011)
Mount Wethylisp, Vortexa, Vortex Kingdom (2002-2009)
Bolunaea Heights, Tokaron, New Central Union (2009 - )
Majority species Makenotix cometii
Notable leaders Admiral Makron Xarpius (Team Manager) (1985 - October 1st 2011)
Gold Comet (Colonel) (Team Leader)
Army Republican Army (1985-2002)
Auxiliary Force (2002-2009)
Vortish Royal Army (2002-2009)
New Republic Army (2009 - )
Type of government Military task force

Task Force Comet is a small unit of soldiers in the United Netroban Republican Army, and is a part of Eightball Division.


Created in 1985, amid rising tensions with the North, there were many cases across the galaxy of cometis babies showing up on planets which were then taken in with no explanation during the 60s and 70s. The UNR decided to invite them into the Army, recognising their value instantly. Task Force Comet was then formed. They decided on a colour scheme naming process. They all wore the most powerful armor suit in the galaxy, and all had the most powerful weapons and equipment due to their prowess. They are usually deployed in missions that are of extremely high value. If its too hard for the ordinary soldiers, TFC are called in. Before NGWII, were used for missions of this type during the Cold War with Larris.