Trial of the Arbiters Wiki
Name Tokaron
Sector Central Sector
District Zeief
Moons 2
Size Very large
Atmosphere Breathable
Overall climate Temperate, black fog, thunderstorms, rain
Primary terrain Ecumenopolis
Points of interest Bolunaea Heights
Immigrated species Xitans (42%)
Vorts (19%)
Vewts (10%)
Other various (29%)
Government United Netroban Republic
Population 52 billion
Capital Bolunaea Heights
Demonym Tokaronish
Major imports Natoleum, metals, foodstuffs, medicines
Major exports Art, culture, media, munitions, military equipment, armor, chemicals, minted currency, business and trade, spacecraft construction

Tokaron is a planet in the Zeief District of the Central Sector of the Netroba galaxy, belonging to the United Netroban Republic. It was a thundery gas giant. The entire planet was composed of black cloud. The climate was cold, and was often filled with thunderstorms and rainfall. However, it also has a gigantic bright orange gas cloud running in a bolt-type shape throughout half of the planet. The whole planet was filled with ecumenopoleis. It is the second world of the UNR, and its capital city is Bolunaea Heights. During the Extrasolar Age, it was the first ecumenopolis ever created. It is the most highly populated planet in the entire galaxy.


Tokaron was attacked during the Battle of Bolunaea which lasted from the 17th February to the 4th March, 1994. During this attack, 11 million citizens evacuated Bolunaea for another city on Tokaron, and six million civilians and two million soldiers were killed in the attack. 2 trillion Kriddonas worth of damage was caused. The city was restored and regenerated by September 1994.

In 2009, Tokaron and Bolunaea Heights became the new capital world of the UNR's successor, the New Central Union.