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Transmortalism is a political/cultural/intellectual movement and ideology practically just like Transhumanism in our own world. Almost everything in the transhumanism article on Wikipedia is what Transmortalism is. It's polar opposite and antagonist movement is Promortalism. Transmortalism is regulated and governed by the Technological Crimes Commission.


Transmortalism was outlawed in ancient Xi Taan, and it heavily impacted their lifestyles and technological advances. Only certain types of technology were permitted, and it was heavily regulated and monitored by XiTaGov. The Vortex Kingdom and Cremton Empire had the same doctrine approaching the matter.

However, during the Extrasolar Age, transmortalism was not as outlawed and regulated as hardcore as it was in the modern times. It was treated much more leniently and many other forms of technology were permitted. However, the UNR and VK redrew their stances on the issue and banned transmortalism almost outright, with nearly every form of transmortalist technology that were currently allowed being outlawed. They then demanded that all other countries change theirs and sign a UNR treaty on the matter. All but one accepted: the Cremton Empire. The First Netroban Galactic War was fought against them, with them losing and having their entire planet nuked. The Cometan Republic of Cometa was transmortalist under Zarpill Brusslein, and they too had their planet nuked completely.

In the year 755, Philix Sotokom was a transmortalist and attempted to convert his entire country and bring out a social movement throughout the galaxy. However, his brainchild was foiled just in time and he was assassinated by the UNR, and shown for his actions.

During the Dark Age, Larris decided to reform the transmortalist movement with the aid of Zarpill Brusslein. They formed the greatest conspiracy in all of history and tricked the galaxy into war so they could double-cross every country and unify the entire galaxy under a single transmortalist state.

Transmortalist technologies[]

The TCC has listed the following as banned and illegal transmortalist technologies:

  • Genetic modification (plants, animals, etc. are included)
  • Cloning
  • Psychic powers / Psychokinesis (not invented, but research is banned)
  • Immortalism / Life extension
  • Nanotechnology
  • Robotics / Androids
  • Cryogenics
  • Artificial life
  • Biotechnology
  • Teleportation (not invented, but research is banned)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Many other similar forms of science

Transmortalist society[]

The TCC have outlawed several social movements in order to keep what they see as social-transmortalism down.

  • Postgenderism - The TCC have always strongly believed in keeping gender roles.
  • Religion - The TCC imposes Agnosticism in all cases.
  • Immigration - All planets, provinces, and cultural regions of annexed planets, are restricted to their native populations. This is to keep their own culture and identity alive, as many of the worlds who signed up for the UNR and other countries demanded this to protect themselves. The culture of their host country is imposed, however their own true culture is highly encouraged as a secondary or equally present lifestyle.