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The Undupolli District is the name given to the unified region of the Undufic and Zerpolli Districts in the Central Sector of the Netroba galaxy. It is entirely owned by the Larris Protectorate. There are about 61 planets in the region.


Early history[]

Originally home to dozens of sentient species, they were undiscovered by the UNR or the galaxy as their location in space was so remote and clouded. The only group to have discovered it were the Cometan Republic of Cometa. They insisted on leaving the region alone and protecting its secrecy. They used only the planet of Makenotix as a centre for illegal and transmortalist research, as well as the secondary contingency world for the continuity of government in the case of a national catastrophe.

Throughout 27-32 PC, the cometis species fled to Makenotix and completely colonised it, crowning it as their new home.

Dark Age[]

During the Dark Age, the region was discovered through unknown methods by the mercenary and criminal organisation Larris Securities. They constructed an expedition plan and prepared to conquer the region. 70,000 employees took part in the colonisation. In 1924, they landed on Daybrinburne City, Tantustmir, and set up their command center there. They contacted the cometis on Makenotix, and negotiated a deal. The cometis would help them conquer the region should they keep the cometis' existence and protection a top secret and number one priority, consider converting to transmortalism and listening to them on the subject, in return the cometis help Larris occupy the Undupolli region. By 1930, the region was completely under Larris' banner. They became a country. Most of the countries and civilisations were either similar to Earth in the 1950s, Industrial Revolution, or were in the Medieval stage.

In 1992, Larris declared war on the UNR and VK. The region was invaded in 1997, and by the end of the year, Tantustmir had fell, Ruberto was destroyed, and Makenotix was quarantined. Larris was dissolved, and the region became annexed by the UNR by 2001.

Undufic District[]

Zerpolli District[]