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Utopime Square
Name Utopime Square
Planet Cometa
Government Cometan Republic
Type City
Population 14 million
Trivia Capital city of the Cometan Republic

Utopime Square (Pronunciation: Yoo-Toe-Pime) was the capital city of the ancient Cometan Republic, located on the planet Cometa.


The city was protected by the nukes during the Hepetivvo Campaign, since the Cometans focused all their resources on saving the city. They then used it as an evacuation zone for the two million survivors who fled the planet. However, over the centuries, the outside environment managed to venture in, and it became overgrown with fungal life, however nowhere near as severe as the rest of the planet.

In 1997, the city was explored by Zarpill Brusslein and sixty of his cometis personal guard. Task Force Comet chased after them.