Trial of the Arbiters Wiki
Name Vindacreta
Sector Central
District Zeief
Moons 1
Size Medium
Atmosphere Toxic, but breathable
Overall climate Temperate, rainy (pre-disaster)
Constant electrical storms, murky, foggy, cloudy, freezing (post-disaster)
Primary terrain Forests, rolling plains, hills, grass (pre-nate)
Swamps (post-disaster)
Surface water Blue water (pre-disaster)
Brown sludge water (post-disaster)
Points of interest Yanli Forest
Continents 5
Native species Vindacretes
Immigrated species Xitans
Government United Netroban Republic
Population 950 million (pre-disaster)
30 million (post-disaster vindanaks)
Demonym Vindacrete
Major imports Self-reliant, other than natoleum
Major exports Wood, paper

Vindacreta (originally Liraanon) is a planet in the Zeief District of the Central Sector of the Netroba galaxy, owned by the Cremton Empire, and was the only Cremton holding in the Central Sector.


Once a prosperous logging world, with its rainy and sunny climate, and woodland forest terrain, and blue water oceans. it was eternally ruined in the year 1776 after the new twenty-year old natolic power plant in the provincial capital city malfunctioned and exploded, spreading throughout the entirety of its continent and within three years, making the entire planet uninhabitable, with the entire population being evacuated. This was the first and only incident of the kind in history, until the similar natolic bombing of Russ two-hundred years later. The planet was quarantined for 300 years, and would begin a regeneration and clean-up project in the year 2077.

The native population who failed to evacuate were devolved natives who had fell to animals, and became ape-like tribals, named vindanaks.

After the bombing, its climate became murky, foggy, and was plagued by natolic thunderstorms, a signature after-effect of a natolic disaster. The terrain was filled with bogs and swamps. The oceans are very much superswamps. (Think Dagobah in the Star Wars franchise.)

On the 5th February 1994, Task Force Comet raided the Yanli Forest to take out a Cremton listening post. This was named the Yanli Raid, and the mission was successful.