Trial of the Arbiters Wiki
Name Vortexa
Sector Southern
District Wethylisp
Moons 9
Size Very large
Atmosphere Breathable
Overall climate Cold, rainy, foggy
Primary terrain Mountains, forests, grass, hills
Surface water Naturally purple water
Points of interest Mount Wethylisp
Continents 4
Native species Vorts (91%)
Immigrated species Vewts (4%)
Xitans (5%)
Government Vortex Kingdom
Population 10 billion
Capital Mount Wethylisp
Demonym Vortexan
Major imports Self-reliant, other than natoleum
Major exports Wood, paper, spacecraft construction, munitions, military equipment, armor, foodstuffs, water, chemicals, medicines, art, culture, media

Vortexa is a planet in the Wethylisp District of the Southern Arm and the capital world of the Vortex Kingdom. It's capital city is Mount Wethylisp. It is home to the Vort species. It has mostly mountainous and forest landscape, with purple water oceans. Its weather is cold and highly rainy.


In ancient times, the planet was constantly plagued daily by tornadoes, leading to it's name. However when Vort society began to progress, they fled to areas where the tornadoes were less common. The main goal of society, technology, and research at the time was getting rid of the tornadoes, and so very early in their history, where they were at level with Earth in the 18th century, they created the technology to stop them just in time before they became extinct. The entire planet was ruled by the Wethylisp Dynasty for as long as Vorts can remember.

The planet officially finalised their unification just before the beginning of the Extrasolar Age, which they were one of the main parties of, and declared themselves as the Vortex Kingdom. They colonised the entire Southern Arm of the Netroba galaxy.

The planet was attacked twice during the First Netroban Galactic War, and twice during the Second Netroban Galactic War, once in 1994, and again in 2009. It became the capital of the entire non-AOG galaxy in 2003 after Xi Taan was devastated and the UNR were thrown into disarray.