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War of the Green Dawn
Name War of the Green Dawn
Date 734-737
Location Northern Arm
Parties 1 United Netroban Republic
Vortex Kingdom
Parties 2 Cremton Military Authority
Outcome Caparest Agreement
2.7 million UNR casualties, 1.5 million VK casualties, 8 million Cremton casualties
Previous events First Netroban Galactic War
Following events Orite Uprising

The War of the Green Dawn was a war between the Cremton Military Authority and an alliance between the United Netroban Republic and Vortex Kingdom from 734-737.


In the year 734, the UNR led a military campaign to confront the new Cremton state and negotiate terms. However, they were unprepared for their Natolic technology and weaponry. The Cremton Orbital Fleet "demonstrated" their capabilities (by using a natol torpedo on a UNR cruiser, killing all hands) and ordered all except two of the ships to turn back. These two ships were the Flagship and Star Force Ultima (the primary presidential and governmental star cruiser), and were "invited" to land on the planet, at the Xinthunx Palace in Zrnic City. They negotiated the terms of a newly formed Cremton nation state and empire. With many of their former planets dissolving into chaos and madness in the century following the war, severe rioting, rebellions and even nuclear bombings took place on pre-Cremton worlds the UNR attempted to annex. Some had no problem with joining the UNR, and others settled down after a while. Only those with a Cremton majority population continued to be eternally problematic by 734. In the negotiation, the Treaty of Zrnic, the Cremtons demanded their right to exist, for any worlds the empire once held that agree to join to be returned, for any desolate worlds or worlds with a low population once held by the empire to be returned, with no exceptions, and most importantly, no objections. It further demanded the slate be wiped clean. On the UNR side, it demanded they stay promortalist, agree to non-proliferation and disarmament measures on natolic weaponry (nates), as well as other features. The treaty was signed, and the president was executed immediately afterwards. The Cremtons made their existence known. The Cremtons then sent an armada to twenty UNR worlds once owned by the Cremtons in the galaxy's Northern Arm, and within six months, conquered them. They then made plans to invade the rest. This was named the "War of the Green Dawn". The UNR could have retaken the planets and nuked Cremtosa over again, but would end up with a five year war, losing 20% of the entire army's personnel, and a publicity nightmare. The acting president proved the fact they could still beat them and nuke them over again to the Cremtons, and ordered a treaty. In 737, the Caparest Agreement ruled a peacetime and that the Cremton Empire could have their planets back, but were given strict rules on their privileges. The Cremtons struggled to hold nearly all of their stolen planets due to the civilian backlash, however.