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Xi Taan
Name Xi Taan
Sector Central
District Jisko
Moons 1 (Moxitaan)
Size Very large
Atmosphere Breathable (pre-nate)
Toxic, deadly (post-nate)
Overall climate Windy, hot, arid (pre-nate)
Constant electrical storms, murky, cloudy, freezing (post-nate)
Primary terrain Desert, rolling plains, barren
Surface water Blue water
Points of interest Jiskomonarva Bay
Continents 6
Immigrated species Xitans (92%)
Xitan wildlife
Vorts (4%)
Quakov (4%)
Government United Netroban Republic
Population 15 billion
Capital Jiskomonarva Bay
Demonym Xitan
Major imports Self-reliant, except for natoleum
Major exports Art, culture, media, munitions, military equipment, armor, spacecraft construction, medicine, foodstuffs, water, chemicals

Xi Taan (Pronunciation: Zee tahn) was a planet in the Jisko District of the Central Sector of the Netroba Galaxy, and the capital world of the United Netroban Republic. The capital city is Jiskomonarva Bay. Its calendar and time is the basis for the Galactic calendar. It has a desert-type terrain with blue water oceans, and has an arid climate. It has one moon, Moxitaan. The planet also has yellow rings.


Home to the xitans, it's most powerful country in ancient times was Jisko. At one point in history, there was a world war over transxitanism, and the war was won by Jisko, against transxitanism. This allowed Jisko to force the other countries into a planetary government of states, XiTaGov. They then took part in the Extrasolar Age colonisation and became the most powerful country in the galaxy, and the planet became the capital world of the United Netroban Republic. The planet was attacked four times during the First Netroban Galactic War.

The planet was attacked for the first time in almost nineteen-hundred years in the year 1994 as part of the Second Netroban Galactic War. The attack was fended off by Task Force Comet.

In the year 2002, the planet was completely nated by the Cremton Empire after Ith Quetsalothos tricked the universe and pulled off a hostile takeover. Moxitaan was also exploded, and it was reduced to ash, forever destroying the planet due to the lack of a moon.