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Xinthunx Palace
Name Xinthunx Palace
Planet Cremtosa
Location Zrnic City
Type Parliament and capital building of the Cremton Empire and Cremtosa
Owner Cremton Empire

Xinthunx Palace is the parliament building of the Cremton Empire of the planet Cremtosa, located in Zrnic City.


Named after Xinthunx Sotokom, the very first emperor of the country, it has been the seat of power for the Cremton Empire for over five millennia. Due to it's high-value to Cremton culture, many of the victims of the Holocaust located in Zrnic devoted their lives to stop the bombs hitting the zones around the palace. The small urban area around the palace zone therefore became a haven untouched by the bombs, and allowed the outer city of Zrnic to be restored much quicker, and the palace became the throne for the Dirge.

In the year 734, the president of the UNR negotiated the Treaty of Zrnic at the palace.

During the Second Netroban Galactic War, the palace was destroyed in 2011 during the events of Trial of the Arbiters VI.