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Xitans are the main species of the planet Xi Taan and the majority of the United Netroban Republic. They are extremely similar to humans. It is also heavily implied that they actually are a form of human from Earth.


After the galactic xitanisation, every lifeform has the psychological and mental features of a xitan. However, it is not known where xitans originate from. Research has shown they were not the original inhabitants of Xi Taan, and that they were actually introduced/moved to the planet from somewhere else somehow, and that it is not of the Netroba galaxy. However, they have concluded they will never know the mystery of the origin of xitans.

They are just like humans, however they have some minor physical differences. There are three ethnicities, where they can have silver, turqoise, or crimson coloured skin. However, if two xitans of different ethnicities have a child, the child's ethnicity will be randomised between the two.

The debate and discussion of the xitan origin is known as the Xitan Question.