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Yanli Raid
Name Yanli Raid
Conflict Second Netroban Galactic War
Date 5th February, 1994
Location Yanli Forest, Vindacreta
Parties 1 Task Force Comet
Parties 2 Cremton Empire (2,000 soldiers)
Leaders TFC - Makron Xarpius
Cremton Empire - Yanli Base Commander
Outcome Destruction of Yanli Outpost
200 Cremton casualties
Previous events Battle of Bendarg
Following events Haitt Sabotage

The Yanli Raid was a military operation by the United Netroban Republic taking place on the 5th February, 1994. After rescuing Green Comet, who was captured by a gang of vindanaks, Task Force Comet invaded an SDA listening post in the Yanli Forest region of Vindacreta. They destroyed the facility and evacuated. It was Red Comet's first ever military engagement since Kaskade 3.