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Zrnic City
Name Zrnic City
Planet Cremtosa
Government Cremton Empire
Type City
Population 400 million
Trivia Capital city of Cremtosa and the Cremton Empire

Zrnic City is the capital city of the planet Cremtosa and the Cremton Empire in the Viddinus continent.


Home to Xinthunx Palace, it has been the seat of power for the Cremtosese for over five-thousand years. When the Holocaust began, and the nukes began falling, many of the citizens in the surrounding urban area of the palace who couldn't get places in the shelters were protecting the palace and it's surrounding urban area due to how much importance it meant to them, their devotion, and fanaticism. This meant that the area of Xinthunx was a paradise amongst the wastelands and was untouched by the nukes. It therefore allowed the greater area of Zrnic to be reclaimed and restored faster, and Zrnic became the throne for the Dirge Army.

In 734, the UNR president met at Zrnic to sign the Treaty of Zrnic.

In 2011, during the events of Trial of the Arbiters VI, the city was utterly destroyed.